A Vintage Crate + weekend recap

Weekend Re-Cap

Is it Friday yet? You know your tired when on Monday your already wishing for Friday.
I had a great weekend and got quite a few things done. Saturday was my alone time day. Every Saturday my husband watches the kids so I can clear my head, drink some Starbucks, and shop- A-LONE, no kids screaming "I want this" "I need that". I of course went to HomeGoods, then a stop over at Hobby Lobby for some drapery liner, Home Depot for spay paint (of course), and Sherwin Williams.
I tackled painting my daughters room yesterday- here's a sneak peak (with the camera phone-sorry). Its SW Waterscape- I first had it tinted at only 50%, but it was too light so I went back and got it full strength. It looks really light in this photo, but is actually a bit darker. I hope to install the drapery today, add some finishing touches and show you the afters next week.

I also got some new fabric samples in and I am trying them out as possible trim for the dining room drapes.

And I also finally watched Breaking Dawn- I know, I know!

I didnt go see it in the theater. Hubby watched the previous ones with me but finally had enough and told me he couldn't bare watching another one- so I waited till it come out on DVD. I have to admit I thought the first 20 min or so were cheesy, but it got MUCH better after that.

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