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a whole lot of ruffles

I've been doing a little "ruffling" around the house (along with the usual painting). I made this ruffle seat cover to go on my newly redone chair.

I also added some curtains in my bedroom.

They're made out of Ikea's 'Lenda' panels on the top, and for the bottom, just some leftover dropcloth material.

This beauty from Fullbloomcottage was my inspiration.

I also love this one,

and even started sewing one similar,

but after a few hours and only 3 rows on one panel, I knew I needed a lot more rows to get the look I wanted but didn't like how much time it was taking. So I went with plan B, which is the simpler single ruffled panel. I did end up cutting off the 3 rows I completed, but don't worry I have a plan for them in a future project.

Back to the chair,

this is what it looked like before, I loved the details but wanted to lighten it up a bit to go with my current style.

I added a few coats of white paint, distressed it, and added the new 'skirt', which I kind of made up as I went.

I love this ruffly look, and plan to sneak a few more in my house before they get noticed.

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