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Alice in Wonderland

ALICE! It was a fun and entertaining experience. There are two main things I liked about this film: (1) It's not the original Alice in Wonderland story. This story takes place 13 years after the original Alice in Wonderland story... it's more like Alice Returns to Wonderland! (2) The second main thing I liked was Burton's dark humor. You will not see a more "mad" hatter as Johnny Depp! He's as deranged as they come. . I saw the movie in 3D... Don't waste your time on the extra ticket price. For this movie, you will be just as served to see the movie in 2D. Todd and I did not think it added anything to the film in 3D. There weren't too many special effects built in to the movie to make the 3D worth it! . The acting was great. Helena Bonham Carter was a fantastic Red Queen. I laughed so hard when she showed off Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum as her two fat boys. "Oh how I love my fat boys!" she exclaimed! And Anne Hathaway is a whimsical, yet strange White Queen. You are never really sure how to take her in the film... but never serious! . Everything is twisted and upside down in this Alice, but you'll love every minute of it! . RATING: A . Official Website - Watch the Trailer

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