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Bad Boy Bill

If you want some electric-dance motivation to kick your butt in the gym, then this is the album for you! Every track is completely off the hook! . I am proud to say I discovered Bad Boy Bill on my own in the later part of 2009 when their tracks started appearing on iTunes. Similar to other DJs in this genre, multiple different vocal artists are used for the different tracks. . B.B.B. uses a very hard electronic beat that makes it hard to resist dancing to it. The best tracks on the album are by far: "Falling Anthem" and "Fastlife." Lyrically, Falling Anthem is not only a great dance track, but also a heartfelt message! . I do believe that this artist will become better known and do well in the market. Get a copy today! You won't want to stop moving... good to help with those New Years Resolutions that might have started to dwindle! LOL . RATING: A . Falling Anthem FastLife (Tocadisco Remix)

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