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BT - These Hopeful Machines

I've loved BT as a DJ ever since he remixed tracks from Madonna's Ray of Light back in '98! Whew that was a while back! BT is also my best friend's favorite DJ!!! . His new album enforces his ability to make music special. I love the fact that he's a DJ, but every track does not need to be dance music... similar to Schiller! BT's tracks like "Every Other Way" and "The Ghost in You" on the new album are mellow pop tracks with some acoustic guitar. Whereas, "Suddenly" (my favorite track) and "Always" are harder more upbeat tracks. It is a broad range album covering a few genres. Most people would be able to find a single track they like a lot! . BT only improves with each album. If you've never heard of him, then this is an excellent album to start out with... get exposed! My bestie Chad is going to love this album! . "Suddenly" has been remixed and it sounds great either way. I think the song is a good taste of his musical style. Enjoy BT... and expect more from him as he gains popularity! . RATING: A+ . Suddenly

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