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Goldfrapp - Head First

Aside from the fact that it appears this album will only have about 9 tracks when it is released this week, the album will be great. Alison Goldfrapp has a great voice. It's subtle and soft, yet poignant on these pop dance songs.

I was not a huge Goldfrapp fan for the last couple of albums. This is the first album that moved me to listen over and over again! Every song is bouncy and catchy... you will find yourself singing along.

Much of the music resembles some of our favorite 80's sounds. You could take this album, go back in time to 1985, and release it... and people wouldn't know any different. Many of these songs would have been top 10 hits on the Billboard charts! So if you like retro sounds, the album is definitely for you!

My favorite tracks are the first two I heard from the album: "Rocket" and "Believer." Rocket could be a huge radio hit... and maybe it is, I don't know... I don't listen to the radio... but it could be and should be. It's melody makes me think about a roller-skating rink... the kind where we used to have skating parties when we were kids in the 80's. It's fun and bubble-gum electric!

I think Goldfrapp has proved staying power after a number of successful albums. Now she just needs to find a way to push herself into the more mainstream market! I think the average joe shmoe farmer boy in Iowa would like these tunes too! BUY THE ALBUM!




Rocket (Richard X One Zero Remix)

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