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Happy Friday & Happy Birthday

I don't know about you, but I am so glad its Friday! This has been one long week. I wanted to add a touch of Spring in the house with some fresh flowers so I headed out to my front yard with some clippers. I have this bush in my yard that blooms these little white flowers every spring- so I brought a few branches inside and plopped them into a vase in my entry.

I also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful lil sis. She's actually getting married this June (she's too young-or is it Im too old?)- here are some pics from her Engagement photo shoot. Seriously is she not beautiful??? She's a personal shopper at J. Crew so she always looks adorable- and she keeps me up to speed in fashion as well- cuz I need it!

Photography by the amazingly talented Christa Elyce Happy Birthday Sarah Kristine- I love you Sissy!!

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