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Hot Chip - One Life Stand

Hot Chip is not one of those groups that I instantly liked. It was a few years ago when they were brough to my attention by my friend Chad and I was not that into their music at that time... BIG MISTAKE on my part!

This is an amazing group. The lead male voice in this group is subtle and powerful! There is a folky feel to the vocals. Even the melodies are more casual..not pop at all!

"I Feel Better" and "Alley Cats" are the best tracks on the album in my opinion. I leaned back in my swivel chair at work, took a minute out of the day, and list ended to "Alley Cats." The vocals on this track almost put you in mind of Tracy Thorn from Everything but the Girl.

This is a good album overall and now I'm a fan! If you are also someone who hadn't heard of them before, or didn't care for what you heard from them before... then I'd say give Hot Chip a second chance... this album is Hot!... ... Hot Chip!



I Feel Better

Alley Cats

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