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How to Train Your Dragon

Cute Little Viking Movie... No really, it was cute. The dragons were even cute with all of their endearing personalities. It was a fun story about misinterpreting the true nature of dragons. Who knows, maybe it is a metaphor for something in true life. . This is a great movie for both kids and adults... particularly a strained father and son relationship. The movie focuses on father and son characters and their relationship as it evolves through the movie. The struggles they face flow through the whole movie until the end, which was as rewarding as the "happily ever after" movie endings audiences love! . I saw the movie in 3D. Again, I'd say: "Don't waste your extra $3 per ticket to see it in 3D... 2D would be sufficient for this film!" Honestly, I'm a little tired of the movie-makers pushing the 3D tickets. It would be fine, if they were all "Avatar" quality style 3D. Unfortunately, they are NOT. The 3D movies that have followed Avatar do not meet the expectations of the audience... simply because James Cameron set the bar. Now these other 3D movies seem mediocre and audiences are frustrated after spending the ticket price. In the long run, I think this may hinder the ability for truly awesome 3D effects (Avatar Style) to sell tickets... we'll see. At any rate, see this movie in 2D... use the extra cash for some candy or snacks (oh that's right, that's overpriced too!) . You're kids will enjoy the dragons. The adults will enjoy the characters and their relationship dynamics. So catch a viewing of "How to Train Your Dragon!" . RATING: B+ . Official Site

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