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Ke$ha - Animal

Remember how when Britney entered the music scene in the late 90's and we thought her voice is unique, then we realized later it was not a good voice at all? Well Ke$ha has the same strange rough quality to her voice. It works well on some songs but not others. . This album has been out for a couple of months now, and I've given it a few listenings. Let's just say, I'm not going to keep it on replay! I like "TikTok," but it is so overplayed everywhere. My favorite track is "Boots and Boys." Lyrically it's hysterical and makes no sense whatsoever, but it so damn catchy you end up singing along! . I don't know where Ke$ha's career will go from here, but she'll need to do much better than this if she gets a second chance! . RATING: C- . Boots and Boys

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