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Little Boots - Hands

Electropop Princess... Little Boot's soft subtle vocals layered with perfect synthetic keyboards and drums makes "Hands" a top-notch classic POP album! . Track after track she takes you through tight melodies and catchy lyrics. The album has only been out a week and I'm singing the songs along with her in my car! I'm not aware of her popularity. I know this isn't her first album, so she's done well enough to continue making CDs. However, I'm not sure she is played on the radio all that much. . The most popular track is "Earthquake!" It's is very radio friendly as well as a fun club track. My favorite track is "Remedy," followed closely by "Stuck on Repeat." Both tracks are just pure pop fun. For some reason, the album put you in mind of the looming Spring and Summer to come; which I don't know about the rest of you, but that puts a smile on my face! . Give the album a sample on iTunes or Amazon... but I recommend buying a copy. She's unique, talented, and just plain fun! . Stuck on Repeat . Remedy (Kaskade Club Mix)

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