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Looking for another movie about dysfunctional people? Well you found it! It's is peculiar how every character starts out seemingly normal in this film, but every single one of them divulges their true craziness as the film moves from scene to scene.

I have an Aunt who has Lyme's disease, but she never developed symptoms like the character from this movie with the same condition. I remember attempting to hunt when I was a kid with my Dad, and then my Mom being paranoid that I may be bitten by a deer tick when tramping through the woods. So in a strange way, this movie hit home in regards to the deer ticks! I never particularly liked hunting, just being outside and walking through the woods.

I found the relationships to be slightly awkward. There was a lot of intensity with the characters' emotions. I sort of wanted to be isolated after watching the movie to avoid any potential for similar types of awkwardness.

The ending is somewhat predictable and expected. Let's just say that if you mess with some one's ego enough, it's bound to come back and bite you in an "American Beauty" type of way!


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