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Madonna - Sticky and Sweet (CD/DVD)

Madonna has taken over a year to release the DVD of her latest in on-stage reincarnation. I saw the Sticky and Sweet Tour 3 times... and it was an amazing show! Madge knows how to keep the crowd roaring! The DVDs are never as good as the live performance, but this ought to be a fun DVD to watch!

This package comes with a CD of the live "Sticky and Sweet" versions of the show. The whole package will be released next Tuesday, April 6th! The show that is on the DVD was recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina... and apparently, there are a couple of extra bonus performances that the rest of the world did not get to see that appear on the DVD!

Personally, I just cannot wait fro the CD live track of "Like a Prayer." It's the best version you'll hear of that song. It's perfectly mixed and heads up the Rave section of the Tour-Set. The tour is broken into 4 major sections: Pimp Gangsta, 80's Throwback, Gypsy, and Rave. Each section is distinct and energetic!

Like a Prayer - Sticky and Sweet Tour Version

Trailer for the DVD - Looks Fun!!

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