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Massive Attack - Heligoland

First of all... who knew it was a real place? It is an island about 29 miles out from the Germany coastline. I'm curious why the group named their newest CD after an obscure island. . The music is standard and typical of the group. It is very mellow music, this time almost ambient. Soft acoustics and beats play background to haunting vocals by a variety of featured artists. . If you can get past the frightening album cover, it really is a relaxing CD to listen to some Sunday afternoon! I like the tracks: "Paradise Circus" and "Pray for Rain." Tunde's vocals on Pray for Rain puts me in mind of a song that would have been done by a young Peter Gabriel. . I would sample the album first on iTunes or Amazon before purchasing. The only reason I suggest a sampling is that the album might be more ambient than expected. However, if you've listened to and liked Massive Attack's previous recordings, you'll like this one too! RATING: B+ . Paradise Circus (Album Version) Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)

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