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Schiller - Atemlos (Breathless)

Schiller, my favorite German DJ/Musician, has a new CD out! It is not however out in the U.S. just yet. The German name for the CD is Atemlos (Breathless in English). I'm not certain when it will be released here, but hopefully soon!

He, like many of the other DJs in his genre, utilizes vocals from a variety of artists. One such artist on this new CD is Nadia Ali. She is the famous voice from the dance duo "Iio." She appears on the first single track called "Try." It's a great song. Check out the video at the link below.

I do however feel that Schiller went too commercially acceptable with his sound on this album, if the rest of the tracks end up like this first single. It is way too safe for him. His sound is usually more unique and blending of ambient beats with pop vocals. I hope he does well with the album. And to be honest, I've not heard the whole album yet, so we'll see how he delivers this time around! For now enjoy the video as a prequel as to what's to come!


Official Video: Try (featuring Nadia Ali)/

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