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Shutter Island

This was just another guessing game as to whether the main character is crazy or not throughout the whole movie. The story twists and wants to confuse you. It makes for a good mystery if you are the type that loves trying to solve a movie while watching it. However, it was not scary as one would think after seeing the preview for it.

Leonardo's acting was believable. He made a good villain /victim... a hard combo to play. The other characters in the story were acted out ok ... not great!

Visually, it was as dark as taking a tour of Alcatraz! The psych. wards are over-the-top creepy. I'm not certain someone who is a professional in the mental health field would appreciate the way the movie portrays the patients.

I was admittedly confused through a greater portion of the movie, just waiting for them to piece it together in the end. Thankfully Scorsese did, or I would have written a much different review. Overall, it was entertaining and slightly engaging. Honestly, could you wait for DVD... um yeah, you could!


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