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Sneak Peek

Well I finished hanging the drapery in my daughters room- a feat in itself. I really really wanted gold drapery hardware but didnt want to spend too much for it. I stood in the drapery rod isle at Lowes for about an hour- trying to decide what I wanted. They unfortunately didn't have anything in gold so whats a girl to do? Spray paint of course!
I ended up buying this rod with the ring clips hidden (kind of like a traverse rod)

After a little gold spray paint- I now have this:

And I am so over-the-moon for these drapery panels in Caitlin Wilson's Mint Fleur Chinoise fabric.
Here's another peek of the room:

And does anyone else out there do this... ... . You get a brain storm DIY in your head- you stop whatever your doing, plop down on the floor (in my dining room for this instance) and start painting. No dropcloths to protect your rug or your hardwoods-just right there on top of your mail & whatever else you tossed on the floor and you get to work. Then you decide your bored with it- you get up and leave it there to sit till you get the urge again. Anyone do this??

And that pretty much sums up what the rest of my house looks like right now. I loved it when Emily Clark shared a "keeping it real" post the other day- because let face it we all have to "live" in our homes and they don't usually look like the Pinterest- pinnable stuff you see out there.

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