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Spring Break and sickie kids

So sorry I have been MIA this past week. We were on Spring Break and low and behold a kid had to get sick - as in 7 days straight with fever kinda sick. And now the oldest is ill - she apparently has a severe inner ear infection-causing dizziness and vomiting - oh joy... .
I did get a few projects done in between playing nurse-mom. One being these awesome lamps I scored at a local Hotel Liquidation Warehouse - for $15 each!!! I'll post the Afters later this week when I can get some decent pics.

I am also finishing up adding some greek key trim to my dining room drapes. I purchased this fabric and cut it into strips, folded it over the edge of the drapery and used hem tape to attach them. This is a great no sew project.

On another note - I've been bitten by the Downton Abbey bug! Anyone else watch this series? I found season 1 on NetFlix and now can't find season 2 anywhere!! The horror! And please don't think less of me when I say I've also been hooked on Gossip Girl! I know, trash TV - but oh my gosh I'm hooked!
Sorry for such a boring post - I hope to be back in the groove later this week.

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