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Sunshine and Mimosas

MimosaAngela Kezar, mimosasAngela Kezar, mimosaAngela Kezar, mimosaAngela Kezar, mimosa Blake and I spent this Sunday completely relaxing and enjoying this warmer weather. I feel like we are always so go go go, which I love, but it was nice to just sit and literally do nothing. We came home from church and decided to grab a couple chairs and sit in the sun with the pups and sip mimosas with Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift playing in the background. It's so funny to me how much the dogs love us to be outside with them. They will go play around together in the yard, then look over, remember we are there and come running over with their big pitty smiles. I laugh every time! Despite how bad this sunshine makes me want to go jump on the boat, it is not quite shorts and tank top season. This top is just a super comfy floral tee but I got it along with a few other spring sweaters which will be perfect to transition into summer with. I love that it is time to brighten up my wardrobe a bit with some bright prints and colors. Here are a few of my other favorites right now

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