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Sunshine Cleaning

What a dirty job it is to clean up dead people parts... Ughhh! It also makes for a very funny plot foundation! I laughed so hard when Emily Blunt's character fell onto a mattress where someone had been previously shot. She reacted much like any of us would... freak out! . When you are at your last hope for money, this is an innovative way to make up for your loss. Enter the business of cleaning up after murders and suicides... come on, morbid, but hysterical! . I thought the acting was actually very good and found myself touched by a few sentimental parts of the movie. The writing was clever and filled with funny lines that will make you smile throughout the entire film. . This was not as funny as the makers' previous film, Little Miss Sunshine, but it definitely deserves a viewing with friends! I think that this is a definite Netflix Special!!! Rent it straight away! . RATING: A . TRAILER

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