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Terry Goodkind - Wizard's First Rule

I just finished this book... and did think it worthy of a good review. If you like Tolkien or Terry Brooks or Robert Jordon; then you will probably like this book. It is of the fantasy genre. Goodkind creates an entire other world with magic, underworlds, boundaries, wizards and two original types of characters: a Seeker and a Confessor.

The plot is mysterious throughout the whole book. You do end up trying to guess what's going to happen with each page turn. These are the kinds of books I love to read. They hold my interest. Even if you are not the most adamant fan of fantasy... this is still a great read. It's got romance, deceit, secrets, fighting and action. It drama with a flare of magic!!!

This is the first book in an entire series of Goodkind books about the same characters. I haven't decided if I'm going hardcore and reading all of them. Given the first book, I'm tempted. The book was so well received in this genre that there is actually a TV series based on the book. The TV show is called: "Legend of the Seeker," and it was on ABC. I'm not sure if it is still on the air, but if you are so inclined, you can get the DVDs to watch off of Netflix . However, with everything, you should read the book first!!!


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