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The Box

I saw this in the theatre last Autumn with my friends from out of town, but just recently watched it again on DVD with some local friends. I was reminded of how much I liked this strange tale. . Let me start with the acting... it's terrible. Now that we have that out of the way, I liked the story... a lot! The film gave me a familiar sense of Hitchcock or Twilight Zone. The scenes were more about the psychology behind making certain profound decisions and dealing with the consequences of those decisions. . "Push the Button"... "Don't Push the Button" we were all screaming at the screen. Once it happened, we were silently subdued by the chain of events that unraveled because of the button pushing. . The movie does become more science fiction the more you get through it. By the end of the movie, you are ready for a discussion to try to understand some of the parts that may have gone over your head! It's a good movie as long as you don't expect anything but to be entertained and get a little spooked out in the process! . RATING: B-

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