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The Hurt Locker

I figured since it won Best Picture, I would blog about it. Are you ready for high intensity? You will be stressed out during this film. The premise is based on a real job that exists in the military... Bomb Diffuser. You will follow a select group of men around in the trenches of Iraq as they attempt to diffuse one homemade terrorist bomb after another. The outcomes of each bomb are not always good. Sometimes, you get more bombs at one time than you may have anticipated... The visuals and surrounding scenes are chilling. If you know anyone in this terrible war, you instantly think of the terror they must face every day. Even the sounds were somewhat disturbing, capturing every detail to each explosion that occurs... Jeremy Rener was good at portraying an addiction to the stressful situation he was faced with each day on the job. His acting was actually believable... I agree with the critics with this movie. It deserves the recognition that it has gotten. However, I don't think I could watch this flick over and over again. It's not that type of movie you walk away from feeling whole... if anything, it leaves you rather empty and a little angry!

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