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The Oscars!

Was I surprised at anything that happened... not at all! I figured this would be a year where the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards would go in two different directions. This was the "Hurt Locker" vs. "Avatar" competition... none of the other pictures were really in the running for Best Directing or Best Picture. . Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges were no brainers. The two of them have won the best acting awards consistently through the entire awards season. I saw both performances and was amazed by both. Jeff's only competition, in my opinion, was Collin Firth of "The Single Man." Sandra did not have a competitor this year. The other leading ladies were good, but not outstanding. . I was glad to see "Inglorious Bastards" and "Precious" get the Supporting Acting awards. They needed to be recognized in some fashion, and that was the perfect arena. "Up" was a perfect pick for Best Score; the music is classic movie magic! I'm also happy for the win Pixar got for the Best Animated Feature Film! . "Avatar" was not shunned completely. I would honestly say that I'm satisfied that Avatar won technical awards over any other category of awards. The technical things like "Visual Effects" and "Cinematography" is where Avatar shined! So those awards were appropriately placed. The "Hurt Locker" was well deserving with it's SIX wins. It was an intense movie, but completely entertaining and overall well packaged!

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