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American Idol Boring?

Just thought I'd pose the questions: Is American Idol boring audiences this season? I'm not sure what it is this year. I've always been an American Idol fan (mostly because my parents watch it and it gives me something to talk about with them). However, something is off this year. Even the live audience doesn't feel energized. . Last night was the "American Idol Gives Back" episode. I didn't get it. I liked aspects of it and certain performances, but it was no where near as powerful as past seasons when they did this episode. . And each time a new contestant is let go from the competition, I feel as though it is anti-climatic. My friends stopped watching it. No one cares. Yet, I checked the Nielson Ratings the other night and Idol is still holding the top two most watched shows on Prime Time network television... Amazing! Some of you are still really enjoying this show. . I wonder what, if anything, will come of this show in the future minus Simon. I think there is only a downhill from here. It would be OK with me if this was the show's final season. Honestly, wouldn't it be good to go out now while the show is still semi-happening. If next season fails miserably, then the show may go off with its tail between its legs. Not to mention, if you are an Idol watcher... .its a big commitment each week! I'm getting tired... Sorry Idol! . RATING: C-

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