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Angela Kezar, biking Angela Kezar, biking Angela Kezar, bikingAngela Kezar, biking
Angela Kezar, biking Top: Nike Leggings: LOFT Shoes: Asics Sunglasses: LOFT We had such a fun evening tonight! Blake and I recently bought mountain bikes and decided to ride to dinner. We live about three miles from downtown so we are able to ride along the river into town to grab a bite to eat. The greenbelt here in Boise is so pretty this time of year. The trees are all blooming and the river goes right through town, it is gorgeous and refreshing! It's such a welcome change to see green everywhere. We are hoping to take up biking more often. We like the idea of exercising together, and I've always loved spinning so this is going to be a fun hobby to pick up. We also have a few friends and my parents both ride which makes it that much more motivating to do. We also found that we noticed a lot more, even right by our house, that we don't notice driving around. You can see all the details of things, and really see how pretty it all is. As you can tell, I love LOFT! These leggings are the best - I wear them all the time, around the house and out for things like this. They are a little thicker than most of the others that I have found, which makes them perfect for actually wearing out. Hopefully you will see a bit more biking updates as we jump into this! I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Would love to hear if you're doing anything exciting! Also, we booked some fun upcoming trips - I can't wait for them! xo Angela

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