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Buddha Bar XII

It's hard to believe that Buddha Bar is on its 12th release. I started listening to Buddha Bar in 2001. The concept of these albums is to blend the sounds of many cultures by mixing world music with soulful house beats and soft melodic new age. It always comes as a Two CD package. One CD is always slow soft music and the other is always dance, lounge type, tracks. The Buddha Bar collection is really nice to play in the background for your dinner parties or little "get togethers."

The theme to this new release is Paris. The soft CD (CD1) is called: "La Vie En Rose." It is great for relaxing. It has soft melodic love songs, some ambient sounding beats, and a variety of languages vocally (including English). The second CD is much more dance oriented. CD2 is called: "Pink Me Up." It's great to have in the background for a fun little party! These CDs bring me back to a time when I would listen to my Buddha Bar music collection when studying at the kitchen table for my Masters degrees a few years ago!

The collection of music always varies. Sometimes it is an amazing collection of music and other times you'll only find a few tracks that you really like. I've listened to the new Buddha Bar now five times the whole way through, and its one of the best collections they have had in a while. I love the track "Under the Sun" by Ida Corr (She's the artist featured in the club hit "Let Me think About It."). You can hear that track below. It is on the "La Vie En Rose" CD. A really fun track on the dance CD2 is "See the Sun" by Matt Darey. It's a nice blend of soft female vocals (English) and a crisp house beat.



Matt Darey - See The Sun

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