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Dog Days

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dogs, angela kezar
dogs, angela kezar dogs, angela kezar
dogs, angela kezar Shoes: Nike Free Now that the weather has turned nice Blake and I love taking our pups out whenever we can and of course they love it too. It's so funny how excited they get as soon as they hear you say that you're taking them on a walk. We have been introducing them to a friends new puppy which is a Doberman so watching our group walk the greenbelt is probably pretty intimidating, you don't wanna mess with these guys. Just kidding, they are a super sweet little pack! Once we walk down to the river we let them run around a little bit and they love it! Bane, the bigger one, loves to play in the water and will chase his splashes. It's pretty funny to watch, he runs up and down in the shallow part of the river and every time he steps it makes a big splash and he tries to bite at it. And Maya, the smaller, takes these huge bounds out of the water when she starts to play so she get leaping up and down out of the water. By the time we get done for the evening and walk back home they are always so worn out. They get super cuddly. I will go sit in between their beds and they will both adjust so that they can lay their heads in my lap, it is the sweetest thing! I love evenings like these! I hope everyone is having a great week so far! xo Angela

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