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Erik Hassle - Pieces

While spending this entire past weekend in Chicago, I had Erik Hassle's debut CD "Pieces" on repeat on my iPhone. He's an up and coming Swedish singer/songwriter. He has an interesting look and solid voice.

I would put his music in the "Alternative Pop" category. Some songs are a bit folky and others are just plain soulful. My favorite track, which I can't get enough of right now, is "Hurtful." The lyrics are really moving on this track. The chorus is so catchy you'll be humming it even when you're not listening to the song.

"You don't know what you got, until you're missing it a lot" was a line from the song that resonated with me this weekend as I strolled the streets of Chicago and hung out with some old friends. I really love this city... and don't get to make it back too often. At one point in time, we had an interest in moving to Chicago... something that does not seem a reality anymore.

The other tracks on the CD are just as lyrically great. "The Thanks I Get" is an interesting song. I'm sure anyone feeling themselves growing older can relate to this song's lyrics. "Bump in the Road" is for all of those striving young people out there trying to be ambitious and get recognized in this life. And "Isn't it Obvious" is for the LOVERS!

I hope Erik makes it in the pop world and gets played on the radio. This is a real raw talent artist that actually deserves some recognition.



Hurtful (Penguin Prison Remix)

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