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Master Bedroom is DONE (well almost)

I just cant stop "tweaking". I am going to officially say the Master bedroom is done-(well except for flooring-Im craving some dark wide-plank-hand-scraped hardwood *sigh*)
So 1st off here's the breakdown of how this room has evolved:Year 1: bright white-builder ugly walls-black bedding-no furniture-newly married-oh my gosh we own a home look. (sorry dont have pics)
Years 2-4: Ok lets get some color on those walls- ooooo how bout yellow? ya thats it-bright-gawd-awful burn your eyes yellow-oooo and lets add some red floral crazy pattern valances-oooo thats nice (ok so this was in my "Tuscan" decor days) (again no pics)
Years 4-8: So OVER the yellow. Lets warm it up-mmmmm Chocolate!!! and blue!! yea-cuz everybody's doing it- its chocolate and brown EVERYWHERE. So the walls got painted SW Toasted (and to be honest its still a VERY yummy color if your looking for a nice warm brown) I painted, sewed curtains, made a duvet, sewed a bedskirt, etc. etc) We LOVED it- and lived with it for many years.

And here it is after I "lightened" up. The walls are Restoration Hardwares Cappuccino. I made another duvet and recovered the headboard in a lighter fabric. On a side note-covering a headboard in silk fabric is a DIY disaster -I lived with the blue silk for a while but the puckering drove me nuts!! The creamy velvet/suede is sooo much better.(be warned Im about to post WAY too many pictures of this room- kinda like those proud parents who post a bazillion pictures of their little chubby, drooling baby)

Chairs are from The Foundary and the rug is from Joss & MainThe little silver table is a Target find, the nightstands are from Bombay Co. (remember that store) Im really looking for new ones-but those will do for now.
This room is now so restful! and truly a place of peace-why oh why do we wait to decorate our bedrooms. They seem to be the one room we leave for last when it really should be the 1st.

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