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MGMT - Celebration

MGMT... That crazy group that brought us the popular tracks: "Kids" and "Electric Feel" are back with a new album "Celebration" out now on iTunes. I have to honestly say that their album is not what I expected. It is NOT similar to "Oracular Spectacular," their previous album. The group has moved into more of an alternative grunge band sound with some small elements of electric pop.

I do, however, still like their sound. The lyrics are a little quirky, yet fun for listening pleasure. My favorite track thus far is the first single: "Flash Delirium," of which I posted the video for a few days ago. It's a good first taste of that new sound they are pushing. Although I like the song, it does not seem to have a melody that catches on quickly. I did need to give it a few listens before I realized, "hey, I really do like this song!"

I will be interested to see what the remixes of any of these tracks will be like. I imagine more of a rock infused dance track with some guitar insertions. At any rate, I think the group is still defining themselves. They seem like they are trying to decide who they are and where they fit in pop culture. I think they'll probably drum up new fans with the new album, but from a completely different demographic of music lovers!



Flash Delirium

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