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Monday Fun Day

Shorts: Victoria's Secret Long sleeve tee: Forever 21 White short sleeve tee: Victoria's Secret Loafers: (old) Forever 21 Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Monday was a perfect day here. We decided to take the boat to the lake and it was absolutely perfect. The water is so clear right now because it is all fresh snow melt, but that also means that it is freezing!! It was way to cold to get in but we still had a great time lounging and soaking up some sun with Blake's brother and his girlfriend. We brought up a few little things to make as snacks up there. Snack foods are by far my go-to, I always have something on hand. Crackers with cheese and meat is always a favorite but I wanted to mix it up a bit today. We did sliced strawberries with whipped cream cheese on club crackers. They tasted like strawberry cheesecake bites! While we were floating there, two sweet little ducks came right up to us so we could toss them bits of crackers. I think they liked the snack as much as we did. It is getting nice out but one of my favorite outfits for spring is to pair shorts with either a sweater or long sleeve tee. This was just the right day for that combo. These Victoria's Secret shorts are so cute and comfortable. They are not too tight and not too lose which is always hard to find in shorts! I also loved the combo of the simple black long sleeve, with denim shorts and the leopard loafers. You can add your email up on the right to follow me for updates, or follow me on social media! xo Angela

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