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Nightmare on Elm Street - 2010

There have been so many remakes of past classic horror flicks over the past few years. (Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw, Psycho, etc.) Few of these movies have delivered the impact of their predecessor. I'll be curious to see what unique qualities the new "Nightmare on Elm Street" will bring to the screen..The preview definitely gives you the impression that the movie maintains the original premise of the storyline. Freddy looks a little more scary (just as an aside, anytime you can't actually see some one's face, they become more scary!). I'm sure there will be great moments to make us jump out of our seats, but this director (Samuel Bayer) needed to work hard to outperform Wes Craven..The movie is out on April 30th! As an 80's child and a fan of the old movies, I'll be in the theatres to see it! Until then, enjoy the preview HERE!

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