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Poop Happens

Ok-- please tell me that you Moms of little boys have this happen to you too. Because if not-Im in big trouble.

It happens at bath time. Warm water, yummy suds, fun toys AND poop. Yes every time we get in the bath my little 1-1/2 yr old launches these little brown submarines. And let me tell you fishing them out with toilet paper is a futile effort. AND draining the tub is not piece of cake either- these little "tootsie rolls" get stuck in between all the little holes in the bath mat. Needless to say bath time has become a chore. My tubs gets Clorox scrubbed every night.

So if any of you out there have some suggestions- I welcome them. I wonder if they make pooper-scooper's for bath tubs? Or maybe I should put him in those Little Swimmers-- OR I could take the little guy outside and hose him down- I don't know- whaddya think?

You know Im starting to see a pattern of gross blogs here- Vomit, poop--- I need therapy.

Kristen--http://www.wearethatfamily.com/ Im right there with ya! By the way her gross stories are much more entertaining to read! You should check them out.

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