A Vintage Crate + [trip]


I feel so bad for not blogging much as of late. Im really finding it challenging to keep up with my business and my blog- there are many days I wish there was a second me. Im also trying to finish up a few projects before the kids are out of school for the summer and I plan on taking some serious R & R soon. R & R as in Hawaii !!! I've never been, so Im a wee bit excited about it!ok- moving onto pretty things: I went down to the Design Center last week for some shopping for a few clients and thought I'd share some snaps I took (dork alert: I like saying "snaps" because while we were in London last year that was how the Brits said it and I thought it was sooo cool). Anway---I sometimes find it hard to stay focused on client shopping when I see so many amazing things I'd like to bring home for myself- the hazard of being a designer I guess.A trio of petrified wood tables --- ah-mazing!

This rock crystal lamp really really wanted to come home with me- but I walked away like a good girl and saved myself $1,200 by doing so.

This blue stone and wood side table was fun.

And this sexy dining table made my heart skip a beat. Hello chrome & lacquered wood.

Are you noticing a trend? mixing textures? wood & metal, stone & wood. And then this--- Wood and fabric. This wooden wingback with charcoal upholstery was stunning and comfy too!!

Another mixing of textures: cowhide & chrome!! And cowhide is highly stain resistant so these are perfect for side tables. I'd still use a coaster to set my drink on -maybe a sexy agate slice??

Lucite anyone??

And in case your wondering, I did purchase something on this trip.This wonderful nailhead trim side table is going in a clients living room.

And this massive horse lamp as well. The width of the shade is 27"!! Its a statement lamp for sure.

I also had some shopping fun last weekend with Megan from Honey We're Home- she hosted a HomeGoods Blogger Shopping party at our local HomeGoods and I picked up this little gold & glass side table from

Safavieh. Seriously chic. AND I found an exact one at OverStock if anyone is interested.

And some quick client updates & my master bedroom updates--geez this post is getting long huh? Thats what I get for not blogging often- a brain dump for me and picture overload for you. This chandelier was installed in my clients living room this week:

And we found a huge console table 118" that fit perfectly behind the chesterfield sectional. I do not share sources out of respect for my paying clients-but I will tell you the chesterfield is from Restoration Hardware and I highly recommend it- its super comfy and it comes in two sizes- we picked the smaller of the two. So now you can't say I don't share with you. Ive had some nasty emails about not sharing sources so boo to them! there ya go!

ok and last but not least my master bedroom: I hung the Robert Abby sconces: horrible burry phone pic-sorry

And I ordered this mirror from Restoration Hardware Its on back order until July--*sniff* *sniff*

Next week is another crazy week and Im finally getting some professional photos taken of one of my projects! yay!! Cheers lovelies!! Unit next brain dump... ... ... ..