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The $5 lamp

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a garage/yard sale finds. I have to admit I have not garage sailed (is that even a word? it looks funny-I didnt float a garage at sea) in years but thought I'd try it again. and what do you know! I LOVE it! I found this lamp on Saturday- it was marked $2 but since it was for a Kids Summer Camp I paid $5- still well worth it. This lamp screamed spray paint me! spray paint me! and so I did. Here it is in its new home in my dining room. But dont look too close- I bombed on the shade! I thought I was sooooo thrifty & crafty I said to self "I can paint that shade too" ummm no go- It looks great when the light is off- but when its on- you can see ALL my spray marks *le sigh* so I am on the hunt for a nice black shade. Unless any of your crafty gals out there have some ideas of what I could do. I event tried painting the inside of the shade with gold- yeah it made it worse. So for now it will sit and look pretty just like light up. For more great finds go visit Southern Hospitality.

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