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I LOVE that word! Mom Cave. I first heard it from a HomeGoods commercial. And thought to myself-hmmm thats what I need. Our guest bedroom was quite the eyesore. Yes it had a bed for guest and yes the walls were at least painted but thats where it stopped. It mostly had become my dumping ground to hide my excessive garge-sale-going-excursions. (to which I have slowed down quite a bit).
I am a new convert of gray! I love gray/grey (however you like to spell it). Its such an amazing color- it can be warm, cool, neutral, masculine, feminine... its quite a versatile color. So 1st up gray walls! accented with white & a punch of yellow.



Linking to: 320 Sycamore Serenity Now Wall Color: SW Colonial Revival Gray
Dresser: Painted w/ Rustoleum's Auto Paint in Gray distressed w/ walnut gel stain
Sewing table: Painted w/ Rustoleums gloss white
Chair recover project here
Inspiration Board project here