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Toni Braxton - Pulse

Toni Braxton's new CD is out on May 4th, 2010. She's returning to her Pop roots. Many of the songs are power ballads, and others are trendy hip dance pop tracks. "Yesterday" is my favorite power ballad, which is funny because I first heard this track as a remixed club song... and now I like the softer version better. . "Make My Heart" is also a fun pop dance track, which I posted the video for last week. "Wardrobe" is another fun pop song. Her lyrics are genuine enough, and her voice is still as unique as when we heard "Unbreak My Heart" and "You're Making Me High." . She's outlasted many in this industry. I hope the critics take this album seriously. Toni is delivering her comeback... .so hopefully the record label will deliver the proper promotion of the album. . RATING: A . Make My Heart

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