A Vintage Crate + trip


If you've seen the movie Tangled you will remember that part where she's swinging around the tree and says "Best Day Ever!!" well thats how I felt yesterday. It all started with a trip to HomeGoods (well 3 HomeGoods to be exact). And there she was sitting there all shiny and smiling at me.

But *gasp* she had a flaw!! a rather large crack on one side of the drawer.

So I called the manager over and asked if he would be willing to take some money off due to the fact that I would have to get that drawer repaired. And what did he say?... .. "sure!, how about $100 off?" For real?!?! score!! I snatched her up before anyone else heard his offer. I tried to keep myself from busting-a-move right there in the furniture isle. Cuz this girl dont do the running man that well. WORD!! Ok so onto the next isle... ... .. accessories!!!!!! say it again "accessories"!! and that is where I found this:

Yes! the very tray that I have drooled over at Target for like ever! and everytime walked away and then kicked myself later. Here is was in my store! for only $29-- yes!!! So after my loot was loaded up I headed over to continue my high via: a la caffeine!

We (yes I drug my little guys with me-but hey they got spiderman snorkels at one of the HomeGoods stores-so they scored too) headed to a couple of other stores then went home. And to what did my wondering eyes appear on my front porch? Fabric!! yes my P. Kaufmann fabric.

With which I made some throw pillows with:

But wait!! there's more!! Dont you change that channel yet! I went to my mailbox and found these!!!

awww yeah!! 3 magazines in ONE day!! can you stand it!? It was a good day, a very good day. So now today to balance out my very good day- I have to go clean toilets and do laundry. boo-hiss! OH!! and I called my local glass repair shop -guess how much its going to cost to fix that drawer? ... ... ... ... $35! sa-weet!!!

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