A Vintage Crate + Trees

Crazy for Burlap Party

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality is hosting a crazy for burlap party. I have just recently been introduced to this great fabric. Whenever I heard the word burlap- all I thought of was root balls from trees & bushes! Not anymore. And do you know it doesn't just come in tan- there is black, green, red, off-white. I got this great lamp from a church rummage sale for $4-

I LOVED the shape of the shade but not the color- I first tried to spray paint it black-and it was not a pretty sight. Rhoda was actually the one who suggested using the burlap- and let me tell you- I LOVE IT! I love the warmth and texture it gives.

I also used to to make a Starfish on some summer fun pillows I made.

I am now looking around the house trying to find more places to use this stuff.

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