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Date Night

Laugh Out Loud (LOL!!!!!) I rarely laugh out loud in the middle of a public movie theatre... but this was an exception. There were parts of this movie where I couldn't stop laughing. Tina Fey and Steve Carell bring comedic magic to the stage. Everything from their characters' relationship to the odd things that happen to them in this story is hysterical!

The story line is "so so," but moments like two cars getting stuck together and a mock strip tease involving the duo make up for where the script is lacking. If anything, I learned during this film to not ever take someone else's reservation at a restaurant!

I associated with Tina Fey's character in the sense of feeling bogged down by the daily routine rut and being willing to jump at the chance of some adventure. Steve Carell's character was completely along for the ride, but enjoyed what he was exposed to along the way. I think they had a lot of fun making this movie (as you can clearly see in the end credits bloopers clips).

Not to spill any beans, but Kristin Wiig does have a small part in the movie that is pretty funny! I love her on SNL, and so it was a nice surprise to see her appear in this movie!

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