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Dining room splurge

I have had this lovely (dripping with sarcasm) builders grade, 80's style, brass chandelier in our dining room for years. I have lived with it long enough.

While walking the isles of Lowes (my heart races just mentioning that place). I found this amazing wrought iron-foyer chandelier on clearance.

Note the word FOYER- meaning for LARGE area. Well I scooped it up anyway. I am so glad I did, because it really makes a statement! Of course I will need to buy dimmer bulbs because you could land a 747 in my dining room its so bright!

Don't be afraid to try something different- maybe an outdoor light fixture indoors or in my case a foyer sized chandelier in the dining room. Think outside the box-look beyond what you see... .. Ok Im starting to sound like Yoda, me thinks?

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