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Faux Greenery

Im not a big fan of faux floral or greenery unless it looks real. I mean so real that you have to touch it to make sure. I have always loved all the faux boxwood that Restoration Hardware has in there store.

But at over $70 a piece I have to just walk away. So, much to my excitement, the other day I was at HomeGoods (I know, surprise, surprise) and spied this faux garden sphere in an aged-terra cotta looking bowl for... ... .wait for it... ... ... ... ... $19!!! I think its just a nice as the Restoration Hardware one and with the money I saved I was able to buy that neat little garden bust next to it. He creeps my family out- but I like him! I think he needs a name too. Paul? Herman? Thor? (kidding!! we saw that movie this weekend-he's a cutie for sure)

So are you a fan of faux? or are you a fresh flowers kinda person?

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