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Iron Man 2

Honestly, I liked this film better than the first one. I was impressed by Micky Rourke's villain Ivan. And Gwenyth and Robert Downey Jr. have great onscreen chemistry... they made me laugh throughout the movie with their bickering flirtations. Scarlett played an interesting and seductive heroine. She was a lot of fun to watch kick ass. . As with the first movie, many of the technology featured in the film was a little far fetched! If you can look past that and enjoy the story for what it is, I think most people would enjoy the film. . I think its a great flick for kids, but not for infants! Literally there was an infant in the theatre with us as we watched the film. I don't know who in the right mind would bring a baby with them to a late night action movie... obviously poor parenting judgment being made there! . I wish I knew more about the comic book super-hero clan referenced in this film called the "Avengers." The movie did not do a good job of explaining that particular tie to the story. . I was thoroughly entertained and would recommend the movie, especially if you liked the first one! . RATING: B+ . Official Website

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