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Kaskade - Dynasty

Kaskade's new album has been out for a week now. I've since given it a good few listens and it's typical Kasakde. For the most part the vocals are soft and the house beats are smooth. . On some tracks, Kaskade breaks from his shell a little with more electronic vibes. one such track is "Fire In your New Shoes." This is a fun dance song (and short, only a little over 2 minutes long). It will make for some really lush remixes! It's probably my favorite track as far as sound, but not lyrically. . I think the lyrics are amazing on this album. "All That You Give" is a more mellow track but full of emotion! The song seems to be about realizing things about your own life, including whether we need to be on this fast track that we are so pushed towards by everyday. It's a great song! . I think Kaskade is doing well to keep his music in the know. Aside from his albums, he handles a handful of remixes for popular artists such as Plumb, Lady Gaga, Nelly Furtado, Britney, etc. Most of his music is recognizable as he's distinguished a certain style! Another great piece of art! . RATING: A . Fire In My New Shoes

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