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Master Bedroom sneak peeks

Well I have stayed true to my word and have continued to focus on my master bedroom. I have stuck with a plan and have been a good girl not to waiver on my color choices.I picked up the benches from my upholsterer this week and could not be happier with the new fabric choice!Here they are before with the bright greenish-turquoise-I do not know what color to call it.

And After:

New Pillows- The Mary McDonald Fret linen is soooo gorgeous! This colorway is called Bittersweet.

A little peek at the new sconces:

Annnddd a keeping it real photo- I would say 6 out of the 7 days a week my bed looks like this- ok well maybe 7 out of 7... .

And later next week this bad boy is being delivered- he's almost 9 feet tall! of course my hubby thinks this will spice things up in the bedroom. What is it with men and mirrors?? At least its not on the ceiling right?

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