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Michael Bolton - One World One Love

Yes, he's still around... and a bit better than before! I think Michael Bolton unfortunately keeps getting lumped into that Adult Contemporary genre bucket. However, he's worked with newer better producers on this new album (including Lady Gaga). The tracks have been released in U.K. for a while now, but just released to U.S. iTunes today.

There is a lot more to be proud of than just trying to stay relevant. Very few artists realize later in life that they need a new look, a new sound, and a new start! I think Michael put it all forward with his new effort. Long hair is gone, nice new acoustic sounds, sporting a tan, and just downright fresh!

There are a lot of good tracks on the album, but the best is "Just One Love." Both lyrics and melodies are a match... a nice pop hit. I predict that his album will not get recognized in current pop culture. I think he's fallen out of popularity, but you can't fault him for an honest attempt.

Just One Love

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