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The Golden Filter - Voluspa

NY based The Golden Filter have finally released their album. Voluspa is a Nordic term meaning The Prophecy of the Seeress and is considered a primary source for the study of Norse Mythology. Listening to this album you can definitely pick up on a "mythological" sound. Throughout the album you hear anything from tribal drums to violins. Their characterisitic sound is synth arpeggio which is heard in their most simple, yet strongest track, Solid Gold. The Golden Filter starts their album with Dance Around The Fire, which incorporates the classical sounds of violins with electronic synth vibes. Listening to this song you may want to start dancing around a fire. Just don't drink too much so you don't fall in. Other strong tracks include Hide Me, Look Me In The Eye, and Thunderbird. Thunderbird is a great tune to the end of the album. Listening to this song you may find yourself starting to do an interpretive Pagan dance. You'll then find yourself on the floor and realizing that you forget that you just ate some Peyote. Oops! Overall this album does a great job combining classical, disco, Pagan, and of course synth beats. An excellent debut by The Golden Filter.

RATING: A.Solid Gold

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