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Baby shower fun

I have meant to post these pics. for a while and I am just getting to it. My sister in law is having a baby girl in July and we had a shower for her a few weeks back. It was beautiful all done in pink & brown. I was in charge of the party favors and the wreath for the door. So I thought I would post a couple of pics of my craftiness. Im not usually a craft-y person. Dont get me wrong I L-O-V-E decorating and sewing- but "crafts" not so much- but I did have fun making these wonderful chocolate butterfly candy suckers - you would not believe all the cool candy molds they have out there and they're cheap.

To display them I filled a low basket with Styrofoam and covered it in pink-paper grass then stuck the sticks in it.

Then for the door wreath- (which I have seen at boutiques for $50 or more) I used a plain raffia/grass type wreath- wrapped it 1st in white ribbon - then bought a pink boa (on sale :-) ) and wrapped the boa around the wreath- then added cute embellishments and ribbon- all for under 20 bucks!! I love stuff like that!

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