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Flowers and Hello

Hi, it's been a while! This summer has been soo much fun so far! I am feeling tan and tired and barefoot, and all of that means its summertime and I feel good! We have been enjoying every second of the fast pace but my camera has unfortunately not been in hand through all of the adventures! I did finally get some time to photograph as I was doing our planters for the year! I absolutely love how these brighten up my patio! Although, it's kind of a constant battle between me and the pups of who these planters are really for! The dogs love the feeling of the cool soil and for some reason try to eat it sometimes too, but they will totally tear up the flowers trying to get the soil. In fact, the very next morning after planing these about half of them were ripped out!! I was so sad! But I fixed them and they seem to be doing good still, sitting up on a table off the ground, so the dogs can't get into them. Recently we also went kayaking for the first time! Boise is really popular for all of the water sports and adventures that we can get to so easily. We went down the Payette main, to any of you kayakers out there, you may know where I'm talking about! But anyways, we went on a two person inflatable kayak and it was absolutely crazy and a total blast! I was in front so on some of the rapids it felt like I was going face first into a Tsunami! Blake is so strong and had to do all the work guiding us through because I don't think my kayaking skills were all that sharp, I was mostly just along for the ride. haha. We did end up falling out twice which was exciting/scary/not as bad as I anticipated. But overall, we had fun and I think we are going to try to make it back again and try to bring a raft with a few more friends on it next time. I will hope to post again soon! xo Angela.

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